Our ability to communicate shapes so much about us, from who we are, how we are perceived and what we do in life. For this reason, speech and language difficulties can have a devastating effect on an individual’s quality of life and their interpersonal relationships.

By working with Speech and Language Therapists, people are able to transform their lives, restoring their independence, confidence, physical and emotional well-being. Read more about how The Speech Therapy Centre has made a difference to some of our clients.

Testimonial of a lovely little girl, Lucy, by her mother

Lucy was a bright, energetic and confident little girl until she started nursery at three. Her peers quickly noticed that her speech was poor and she was difficult to understand. The children quickly pointed this out to Lucy who then became shy, withdrawn and unhappy about leaving Mummy (who in her eyes was her interpreter!)

The therapist assessed Lucy and built her trust very quickly. Over the next few months, Lucy looked forward to going to see her (we never made a point of saying we were going to see the speech therapist, she just thought of her as grown up that liked to play games, talk to her, but never ever ask her to repeat anything). She loved to go home and tell her big brother all about what she’d done and how much she enjoyed it. So much so that he looked forward to school holidays when he could come with us!

Lucy’s speech improved enormously and not once did Lucy say that she didn’t want to go. Her confidence grew and by the time she started school at four and a half, she was back to being the confident little girl she had been.

Lucy has just had her 6th birthday. She is confident, bubbly, sociable and a proper little chatterbox. She has a reading age far in excess of her years and is excelling in all aspects of school (these are her teachers words, not her proud parents!)

I was so impressed with the work that the therapist did with Lucy and feel sure that without her input she would certainly not be where she is today both academically or in her own belief and confidence.

I would recommend the Speech Therapy Centre whole heartedly to anyone having speech or language difficulties. Money well spent!

Testimonial of Brian who experienced a stroke in 2004

On July 4th 2004, I suffered a dissection of the left carotid artery, which resulted in a stroke. I had no sensible speech, but after about three days it slowly returned to something resembling English. My written word was hopeless and tenses were difficult.

After 14 days, I was discharged from hospital; my problem was not physical but emotional and a failure to understand issues.
My company agreed to pay for speech therapy and thankfully, I met Rebecca Crowe for the first time. Rebecca’s initial assessment of my illness was to prove absolutely accurate, but the professional way she dragged me back to health was nothing short of fantastic.

Rebecca provided a daily and weekly plan of action and followed up at our sessions. She explained to me that there is always an alternative and taught me to breathe correctly. She also explained to me that what had happened to my brain could be likened to a spilled filing cabinet, where all the parts are still there but not in the expected place. Slowly but surely,Rebecca worked through the issues with me to un-scramble the filing cabinet.

I cannot praise Rebecca’s professionalism enough - her understanding of this complex subject came shining through and her wonderful inter personnel skills allowed her to explain the issues in lay mans terms to me and my family.  

A testimonial from Brian's wife, Betty 
On behalf of our family, I would like to thank you for your care, professionalism and understanding to Brian after he suffered a stroke in 2004. Without your patience and guidance, I don’t think we would have got through what was a traumatic time. Your total understanding of the problem was without doubt the thing that got us all through.